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High-grade translucent sheeting in Western Australia 

At Combined Metal industries, we offer our customers a complete range of roofing and cladding options to suit all of their requirements.

There are many situations where our clients require structures that have the benefit of natural sunlight whilst maintaining adequate shelter from the elements. With these and other specific requirements in mind, we offer a wide range of translucent sheeting options.

For your convenience, we supply translucent sheeting in identical contour styles to our existing roofing and cladding materials. This ensures a perfect fit when the two products are mated together in situations such as roofing. This product is highly durable and has a highly efficient transparency factor.

Our translucent sheeting is ideal for roof lights and high level windows when used in conjunction with our roofing and cladding systems. It is easy to fit and we can deliver it directly to your site in any quantity that you require.

Whether you are building a new project or refurbishing an existing one, we have all the roofing and cladding products you are likely to need. 

A wide range of sheeting options is available in both fibreglass and polycarbonate. Please  contact us for full details or  request a quote .

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