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High quality metal rainwater sumps in Western Australia

Despite the long dry spells that typify the Australian weather, we also have our fair share of rain. All of that water has to go somewhere and when it lands on your roof, it needs to be drained away as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sumps play a big part in how effectively this happens.

Even with the most efficient guttering available, there may be times when the flow of water off a roof is so great that the drainage system is unable to effectively disperse it. This is why rainwater sumps are a crucial factor in dealing with the excess build up.

Our quality metal rainwater sumps and rainheads are designed to collect and disperse the rainwater, especially during extreme situations. At such times the sheer volume of water can be more than the drainage pipes are able to deal with. Our well designed sumps and rainheads don’t just catch more of the water flowing from the gutters, they also serve to smooth out the drainage process and regulate the flow.

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