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Top quality rainheads available in Western Australia

Efficient rainwater collection is not just an environmentally sound proposition; it is also crucial to protecting the very fabric and structure of your property. Poor or incorrect rainwater collection and dispersion is one of the leading causes in the erosion of building materials, especially where metal is used as a primary construction material.

During heavy rain, roofs in particular need to let go of huge amounts of water very quickly and efficiently or by its very nature, the excess water will seek an alternative route. Blocked or damaged rainheads can cause plenty of damage to both the inside and outside of your property before the effects become visible. Once a problem reaches the stage where it is visibly drawn to the owner’s attention it may already have wreaked some very expensive damage.

All of our rainwater products including our quality rainheads are manufactured to very exacting standards.  We only utilise the very best available materials and equipment to ensure that everything works well and lasts for years to come.

Our rainheads include:

  • Rainheads with pop fitted
  • Available in 0.06mm Colorbond or Zincalume
  • Tapered rainhead to suit round pop
  • Tapered rainhead to suit square pop
  • Conical rainhead

Custom rainheads are an option if you would like something different, and sumps are also available.

Don’t trust the supply of your guttering, downpipes and rainheads to anyone but the experts. Free call them now 1800 651 303.

Tapered rainhead to suit round pop and square pop


Conical rainhead


If you only want to fit guttering, sumps and rainheads once, free call the experts on 1800 651 303

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