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Metal downpipes and rainwater products in Western Australia

Ideally, for environmental and other reasons, most of us will also want to collect and store rainwater as possible and that is why quality guttering and downpipes are so important. Not only will correctly manufactured rainwater products take care of collecting all this water, but they also play a big part in protecting the structure of your home. Broken and poor fitting gutters and downpipes can lead to water damage that isn’t always obvious until it starts costing you money.

Here at Combined Metal Industries, our range of downpipes are manufactured from the same quality materials as all of our other wall and roofing materials. Our quality metal downpipes and other rain water products are made to last and look good for life.

Our downpipes include:

  • Round
  • Rectangular


downpipes round
  • Available in Colorbond or Zincalume in 1.8m lengths
  • 0.04mm available in 75mm, 100mm and 125mm Diameter
  • 0.06mm available in 100mm, 125mm and 150mm diameter
  • Pops, Straps, shoes and elbows available to suit


downpipes rectangular

Available in Colorbond or Zincalume in 1.8m & 2.4m lengths 0.04mm available in:

  • 75x 50mm
  • 95x 45mm
  • 100x50mm
  • 100x75mm
  • 100x100mm
  • 125x100mm
  • 150x100mm
  • 0.06mm available in:
  • 125x100mm
  • 150x100mm
  • 150x150mm
  • Available with elbows and shoes
  • Clips and pop available

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